Infant and Toddler Care

Infant and Toddler Care

As of April 1, 2018: The Government Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative has been implemented. This initiative has lowered the cost of child care for parents.

Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm for infants and toddlers to age 3

We are open all year except for statutory holidays.

Children under 3 years

2 days per week          $630.00 / CCFRI $490.00 per month

3 days per week          $735.00 / CCFRI $525.00 per month

4 days per week          $840.00 / CCFRI $560.00 per month

5 days per week          $945.00 / CCFRI $595.00 per month

 Parents supply snacks and lunch, diapers/pull-ups, wipes and bottles, sheets and blankets for cribs, bibs.

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is available for group child care.

 Infant and Toddler Care Daily Schedule

7:00 am           Open

Free play indoors

Breakfast (brought from home)

Outdoor play

9:30 am           Morning snack

Wash hands before and after eating/toileting/diapering after snack

Nap time for those needing a morning nap – this time frame is flexible – naps based on needs

10:00 am         Group Time

Story, songs, movement

10:30 am         Outdoor Time or Indoor free play/group activities during inclement weather

11:30am/12:00 pm     Lunch time

Wash hands before and after eating

Toileting/diapering after lunch, books and puzzles while waiting for others to finish eating

12:45 pm         Nap/Quiet time

Books, puzzles, quiet table activities as children wake up/while others sleep

Toileting/diapering as children wake up

2:00pm/3:00 pm         Afternoon snack

Wash hands before and after eating

Toileting/diapering after snack

4:00 pm           Outdoor play time/ Indoor free play/group activities during inclement weather

5:00 pm           Indoor quiet activities

Books, puzzles, table activities

Small snack if needed

5:30 pm           Close

*Toileting/Diapering is done as needed

*Schedule times are flexible based on needs of the children

*Outdoor time may change due to weather– we spend more time outdoors during warm weather

Infant and Toddler Care Supplies

To keep at the centre:
  • Toothbrush (no toothpaste) for children ready to brush
  • A complete change of clothes to be kept in your child’s cubby
  • Boots
  • Crib sheet and blanket
  • Muddy Buddies or rain pants
  • Warm coat with hood for fall and winter
  • Mittens or gloves for fall and winter
  • Shorts, sunscreen and hat for spring and summer

* shirt and shorts for water days (no bathing suits)

  • Diapers/pull-ups and wet wipes if your child requires them
  • Please label all items with your child’s name. (Including clothing)
  • We have a laundry facility for emergency laundry situations.
  • We play outside rain or shine.
  • Our schedule is flexible, outdoor time increased for warm weather and more indoor time when we experience inclement weather.
  • Naps are based on a child’s needs.
  • Please label bottles and provide instructions for formula.
  • Please inform, in writing, your bottle routine and schedule; meal and snack routine and schedule. Please note: bottles are heated by a bottle warmer and not heated in the microwave.
  • Children are diapered and taken to the washroom according to their needs.
When needed:
  • A medication consent form has to be filled out for all diaper-rash creams
  • A medication form has to be filled out for all “cutting teeth” pain relievers
  • A written letter giving staff permission to use any type of skin moisturizers, skin condition remedies and any type of solution, lotion and oil that requires staff to rub on child’s skin or scalp.

 Infant and Toddler Care

All in a Day’s Play…Floor Time

Floor time is a term used to indicate optimum learning for infants and toddlers as well as a term for building relationships for all children. The adult sits on the floor for close proximity and interaction. The adult engages with the child, encouraging play with materials and interaction with other children. The adult models and encourages language.

Floor time is time spent on the floor learning to crawl, climb and make friends.

The centre provides soft climbers, interactive toys, soft pillows, board books, soft building blocks, and musical toys for the infants as well as a higher level of materials and toys for the toddlers (advanced puzzles and building materials).  The older children use age appropriate materials and toys such as heavier wooden blocks and toys.

Interaction with the caregivers enhances language development, provides emotional support, and encouragement to communicate with other children. Making friends is important to well-being.

Floor time for toddlers offers “walking space” and specific centres to encourage imaginative and explorative play.

This is a time for caregivers to offer loving guidance. We model sharing, taking turns, and speak respectfully when reminding “hands are not for hitting.” We guide the child towards developing socially acceptable behaviour. We facilitate by talking positively through the problem, using gestures, pictures and positive reinforcement. Most of the time, it’s all about needing a hug.


“Collecting the Child”
…you cannot influence a child’s mind
until you have their heart… Dr. Gordon Neufeld