Discipline vs Guidance

Discipline vs Guidance

Two words

Stop spanking

There was a time when society did not wear seat belts, nor did children wear bicycle helmets, mothers used to drink and smoke while pregnant and parents spanked their children.

We now know better. Spanking your child makes everything worse. It may be a quick fix but does not solve the real issues behind the behaviour.

There is a reason to explain all behaviour.

As adults, we must help children deal with their emotions and help them problem solve. For most children, the behaviour is an indicator that their needs are not being met. This is a broad statement as the reason could be biological or psychological.

Spanking is unhealthy for you and your child. Studies now prove that spanking alters your child’s brain.

Listen to your child, validate their emotions, problem-solve, offer help; love, love and love your child.

Google for more info on the damage caused by spanking, yelling, belittling, bullying, threatening and humiliating children.

Professionals to check out: Google Robbyn Peters Bennett, Vanessa LaPointe, and Dr. Deborah MacNamara.