Active Play

Active Play and Screen Time Policy

Mandated through Child Care Regulations (2017)

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that:

  • Infants (less than 1 year) are physically active several times daily, particularly through interactive floor-based play
  • Toddlers and preschoolers should accumulate at least 180 minutes of physical activity spread throughout the day.
  • Children 5 and older should accumulate 60 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Active play is vital for the healthy development of children.
  • Our preschool program includes one hour or more a day of active play.
  • Our Child Care and Infant Toddler programs include two hours or more of active play.
  • At no time do we offer screen time. No computers, iPads or television
  • During the warm spring and summer months the outdoor time is increased.

Active Play at Douglas Park Community Preschool and Child Care

Active Play outdoors
Preschool: outdoors one hour or more
Child Care: outdoors two hours or more
Infant and Toddler outdoors one hour or more

Areas and Activities for Active Play – some facilitated by teachers and others are child-initiated play. Time and activities adjusted and modified for younger children. (2-year olds)

  1. Preschool Play Yard: balance beam, balls, stumps, running, jumping, balancing and leaping. Games – hide and seek, tag, follow the leader and what time is it Mr. Wolf? Chasing bubbles. Music and dancing. Gardening. Bowling. Mud and rock play. Climbing tree. Creating rivers in the gravel.
  2. Child Care Yard: climber, balls, digging and mud, running, jumping, leaping and group games, ride on toys, push toys. This play yard is mainly used by our younger children.
  3. School Play Yard: climbing, balancing, sliding, running, jumping, skipping, leaping, hand over hand and swinging. Sandbox play.
  4. Playing Field: running long distance, soccer, kicking large balls, playing tag and other interactive group games. Chasing large bubbles
  5. Walks: walking around entire schoolyard
  6. Gymnasium: running, rope climb, mats, balls, balance beams, skipping ropes, hula hoops and organized games

Indoor Active Play: incorporating fundamental movement skills

Bean bag toss
Music and dancing; free movement, scarves
Movement songs – Head and shoulders; Do what I do; We’re on the way to Grandpa’s farm.
Acting out a story: Stuck in the mud
Balance Beam
Mats for rolling, jumping, summer saults
Crawl through tube

Myth: children will catch colds playing outdoors. In fact, outdoor play is healthier; fresh air and large motor muscle movement keep the body healthy. Colds and flues are caused by breathing indoor air and surface contact.

Please ensure your child is ready for outdoor play every day; Raincoats and boots, gloves and hats. Parents are to apply sunscreen to their children prior to the start of the day. Runners are best, please avoid open toe sandals and flip flops. We offer water play during the summer, an extra pair of runners or water shoes is recommended.