Douglas Park Community

Preschool and Child Care

About Us


We advocate for children’s rights

and promise to never stop.   

We are working towards the day

when every human right

is a reality for every child.



We began in 2002 with one small preschool class. The program was a tremendous success and soon we found the need to expand. We gradually added more programs in child care and in January 2009 opened our program for infants and toddlers.

Our program focus has been nature-based with the belief that outdoor time is healthy time. Environmental education is a strong stream running through curriculum.


Further, the curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation for future success by respecting and recognizing children’s strengths and interests. Building on the strengths and interests, children will have every opportunity to excel and grow to their potential. The excitement of learning accelerates the expected learning outcomes no matter what the interest is because all interest activities and learning centres are designed for early childhood growth and development.


 Awards and Recognition