Douglas Park Community

Preschool and Child Care



 Kindercare program


Monday-Friday - open at 7:00am and close at 5:30pm


Before and after Kindergarten, including late start morning and early dismissal days.

5 days per week is $400.00 per month


Extra full days are $17.50 per day. This includes Pro-D days, intersessions, spring break and holidays.


Full days have to booked and paid for two weeks in advance.  The school calendar indicates the breaks, intersessions and holidays – will help you plan your child’s attendance.


Attending the full days is optional. This will help families financially if they have relatives or friends to care for their children during breaks and holidays. 


Parents supply snacks and lunch

a     July and August fee is $700.00 (full time)


Child Care Subsidy

Subsidy is available for Kindercare. The government will also pay extra for the full days. 

We are open all year except for statutory holidays.


The Kindercare program provides outdoor time and a wide variety of activities:









-science/math/social studies


-personal books 



Group time- may include:

music and movement/ music with recorders or drums        

literature and drama



School-age  program 

A program for children in grades one to five needing care prior to 8:30.  The program is open only for early mornings 7:00 to 8:45. We will walk the children to their classroom. This will accommodate our families needing care before 8:30 as the Boys & Girls club does not open until 8:30. Please note: parents may apply for subsidy for our program.   Fee: $210.00 per month


Parents are encouraged to register with the Boys & Girls Club, located on site, for after school care and all school closures. We will be open on all days the Boys & Girls Club is open and will walk the children over to the club building at 8:45 on Pro-d days, holiday breaks and intersessions.  Herv, director of the Boys & Girls Club, can be reached at 604.533.8552.